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Produksielyn vir mediese verbruiksgoedere en beskermende toerusting

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Mediese graad TPU-samestellingslyn

Kontak Ons


TPU is a safe, stable and high-quality PVC alternative material, which has been recognized by many intravenous infusion device manufacturers all over the world. Excellent kink resistance, elasticity and flexibility. The internal pressure resistance is much higher than that of PVC, the transparency is better than that of PVC / EVA and TPO, the chemical resistance is high, gamma ray and ETO can be used for sterilization, the drug adsorption is low and easy to bond. According to the rheological properties of polyurethane / TPU materials, our company made a bold attempt on the processing accuracy and cooling effect of the cylinder, and upgraded & redesigned key components, which basically solved some bottleneck problems restricting the production process of materials, greatly improved the reaction efficiency and capacity. We had win good market response and high recog-nition.

Kapasiteit vir verwysing500-700kg / h1000-1500kg / h