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Spunbond produksie lyn vir nie-geweefde materiaal

Kontak Ons


The spunbond non-woven fabric production line is mainly used for the production of non-woven fabrics with PP spun webs and hot-rolled reinforcement.Use PP as the main raw material, supplemented by color masterbatch and anti-oxidation,anti-pilling, flame retardant, etc.Additives to produce PP spunbonded hot-rolled non-woven fabrics of different colors, differ-ent properties and suitable for different purposes, which are widely used in medical, sanitary and other fields. The composite production line cannot be replaced.The same configuration can produce S, SS, SSS and other series of products to meet customers' needs in the PP spunbond non-woven fabric market for different purposes.SMS spunmelt composite nonwoven nonwoven fabric is made of spunbonded nonwoven fabric + meltblown nonwoven fabric + spunbonded nonwoven fabric through three-layer fiber web hot rolling composite. Our company has a full set of one-step SMS spinning.



modelBreedteSpoedGram rangeUitgaweGeïnstalleerde kapasiteitDimensie (ongeveer)
JW-1600-S1600mm≤150m / min9-250g / m23-6T/d≈200KVA20m * 10m * 12m
2400mm≤150m / min9-250g / m25-7T/d≈250KVA20m * 11m * 12m
JW-3200-S3200mm≤150m / min9-250g / m28-10T/d≈315KVA20m * 13m * 12m
JW-1600-SS1600mm≤300m / min10-120g / m25-10T/d≈400KVA35m * 12m * 12m
JW-2400-SS2400mm≤300m / min10-120g / m210-12T/d≈500KVA35m * 15m * 12m
JW-3200-SS3200mm≤300m / min10-120g / m212-20T/d≈800KVA35m * 17m * 12m